TTL Activities under Focus1: SNOW

The share of winter tourism and summer tourism is more or less equal, each accounts for 4%. If environment conditions remain favourable, winter tourism would have the better opportunities for growth. It developed in particular during the 60ies and 70ies based on snow. However, the recent proof of warming in Austria and elsewhere in the world, make concepts of how to adapt to shrinking snow masses necessary. The observed level of warming already kicked out small scale, low altitude, near by cities resorts.

With a first conference in November 2004, related to the topic "Snow", we promoted the establishment of a Co-operation Centre "Technology.Tourism.Landscape". Further events will follow in the near future. The aim is to develop a set of relevant research proposals related to projects described in the proceedings for this conference. The usefulness of a program is more than the sum of aggregated projects. We hope that we can demonstrate this in future and invite interested institutions and researchers to combine efforts with us.

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Excursion "Natural Snow" (January 14th 2005):

What are the problems of concerned group of people? Who can profit from a TU based integrated research program or under what conditions certain groups in business could profit from our framework? Continuous feedback is required from interested persons. Research projects and the whole program should be evaluated from concerned practitioners.

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Excursion "Water for Vienna" (April 7th-8th 2005):

Viennese drinking water highly depends on snow and landscape quality. The use for drinking water can be in conflict with touristic uses. The excursion provides a deeper understanding of the overall problem context.