About TTL

Technology.Tourism.Landscape: Why a Cooperation Centre Technology.Tourism.Landscape was established at TU Wien in 2005?

Technology describes the "How". How can we explore the landscape as a basis for tourism? How can tourism achieve a better performance in conditions of accelerating change? Technology in form of infrastructures and machines changes the way of how people live and from what they make a living.

Tourism describes "What". What is the occupation of people? From what do people make a living? Tourism is the most important non urban land use in Austria. 8% of GDP are directly earned in tourism, as compared to less than 3% in agriculture and forestry. Without tourism, rural Austria would look significantly different than today.

Landscape offers "Where". Where shall we use technologies and where shall we practice tourism. Landscape is complex, consisting of solid, liquid and gaseous phases, that developed to a unique particular appearance in millions of years. However, today the most accelerating factor of change is human activity or more and more non-activity in periphery areas.

TU Wien (TUW)is one of the major universities in Vienna, the capital of Austria. The university finds high international and domestic recognition in teaching as well as in research, and it is a highly esteemed partner of innovation oriented enterprises. It currently has about 26,200 students (19 percent foreign students and 30 percent women), eight faculties and about 4,000 staff members (1,800 academics). The university's teaching and research is focused on engineering and natural sciences. The education offered by TU Wien is rewarded by high international and domestic recognition. TTL Technology.Tourism.Landscape is an interfaculty cooperation centre established in 2005 and was until 2018 mainly supported in the Landscape Unit of the Department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture of the Faculty of Architecture and Planning. In 2019 TTL intensified co-operation with the Japan Austria Science Exchange Center.