Image: INTAS   Climate Sensibility of Salzburg's Winter Tourism
In Salzburg 10% of the economic income depends on snow. The length of winter tourism season is shrinking due to climate change. Different kinds of climate adaptations were examined. None of them seems able to maintain today´s level of economic importance of winter tourism in a warmer climate.
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Image: INTAS   INTAS Project: EU-INTAS Project 03-51-5296
Influence of snow vertical structure on hydrothermal regime and snow-related economical aspects in Northern Eurasia.
  Tasks & Project outline
Tasks & Project outline
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Image: ÖBB   Risk analysis for the Austrian railways (ÖBB)
Documentation of avalanche paths and application of avalanche simulation models.
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Image: FWF   Microbial Community Dynamics in Alpine Karst Aquifers: FWF (Austrian Science Fund): P16401-B07   Tasks & Project outline
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Sustainability in Tourism & Resource Management, Participants: Dr. Brigitte Nikolavcic
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Image: esa   ASA-ESA-ENVISAT Projekt AO-716
Monitoring of the snow cover and the snow melting process over Austrian Alpine Regions, Participants: Josef Jansa
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Image: KATER II   KATER II Project Schneealpe
Assessment of the Areal Snow-Water- Equivalent in the Alpine Catchment Area of the Viennes water supply, Participants: Josef Jansa
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Image: TTL   TTL Conference Proceedings
Proceedings 2004 Snow (pdf, 3.2 MB)
Proceedings 2006 Water Directive (pdf, 6.2 MB)