Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Link Farnleitner, Andreas / Link Mach, Robert - Link Institute of Chemical Engineering
Link Feilmayr, Wolfgang / Link Leitner, Wolfgang - Link Institute of Regional Planning
Link Jansa, Josef / Link Wagner, Wolfgang - Link Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Link Kasper-Giebl, Annelise / Link Puxbaum, Hans - Link Institute of Chemical Technologies and Analytics
Link Liedl, Gerhard - Link Institute for Forming and High Power Laser Technology
Link Svardal, Karl / Link Kroiss, Helmut - Link Institute for Water Quality, Resources and Waste Management
Link Stiles, Richard - Link Department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture
Link Breiling, Meinhard - Link Department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture

Other universities/institutions/partners

Amermann, Ansgar - IG Fahrrad Wien (Bicycle Association, Vienna) - AT
Arnberger Arne/Brandenburg, Christiane - University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna - AT
Auer, Inge - Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics, Vienna - AT
Link Bacher, Michael / Hübl, Hannes - Link Institute of Mountain Risk Engineering - AT
Charamza, Pavel - Deparmtent for Mathematics, Prague - CZ
Holko, Ladislav/Kostka, Zdeno - Slovak Academy of Sciences (Branch Liptovsky Mikulas) - SK
Kleemayer, Karl - Federal Forestry Agency, Innsbruck - AT
König, Martin - Austrian Federal Environment Agency - AT
Krautzer, Bernhard - Gumpenstein Agricultural Research & Education Centre - AT
Mair, Rudolf - Provincial Government Tyrol, Natural Risk Department - AT
Petrushina, Marina / Sokratov, Sergey - Moscow State University - RU
Reichelt, Wolfgang - Provincial Government Carinthia, Planning Division - AT
Rubinstein, Konstantin - Russian Hydrometeorological Institute, Moscow - RU
Scheibl, Horst - Provincial Government Salzburg, Planning Division - AT
Shmakin, Andrej - Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow - RU
Marcia Phillips - Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research, Davos - CH
Stolba, Petra - Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Section Tourism - AT
Zins, Andreas - Institute for Tourism and Leisure Studies, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration - AT